Create your own Opera fake…

Objective: Show how Opera is customizable (and create your own fake)

Why: I’ve created a little Opera X “joke” and “posted” it on the Opera Web Chat, and it have the same features of this fake (“Opera X Alpha” in the title and build 520) – then someone has copied everything that i did, including my folders location and my taskbar!

How to: First open opera:config and search by “title”, the Window Title field will appear, then put something like “Opera XXX Gamma” there.

The title is ready! 😀

Then, start creating a HTML file with what you want to feature in your fake… A “Fake Creator” maybe?

Renember to remove the Reload and the Options buttons – Opera Panels doesn’t have them!

Now remains the menu… Find the menu.ini file in your Opera folder (in the Program Files/Opera/profile/menu folder in Windows, /home/your-user/.opera/menu in Linux) and search for the Tools Menu – it starts with “[Browser Tools Menu]”
It’s like the following:

[Browser Tools Menu]
Item, 70475=Manage accounts
Item, 54493=Delete private data
Feature Mail-Chat, Item, 67427="Manage, "contacts""
Item, 67672="Manage, "notes""
Item, 50836="Manage, "transfers""
Item, 50837="Manage, "history""
Item, 67430="Manage, "links""
Item, Fake Creator = Fake Creator

It’s just a part of my Tools Menu “text block”, the block in menu.ini is bigger…
The bold text is the “command” that makes the menu.
The command will not work, but it’s just for a photo, that doesn’t matter…

The Opera XXX menu it’s here… 😉

Now we have the latest thing: The About Opera page… It’s really easy
Open the opera:about page in your Opera, then go to View > Source.
Change the version, the build and the Browser identification…
Now press the “Reload from cache” button.
The magic is done! 😀

The article about the “Opera X” fake is on Dowload Squad
Look: the Opera X screen (even the taskbar is identic to mine screenshot – it’s obvious that the idiot copier has copied everything…


4 Respostas

  1. Nice 🙂

  2. Muy bueno, no lo sabia, y ya me parecia que era una mentira lod e opera 10, era medio ovio.

    Gracias por tan buena explicacion, para mostrar la mentira.

    Saludos :D:D


  3. Hihi, you quoted my post :P. In my post, I make some mistakes (My English’s so bad :P), so please delete this quote :).
    Thank you for your post because after read this post, I searched many info about opera.

  4. Ah, you can visit this page: and There’re many infomation about opera in those pages :).

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